Neon Face & Body Paint Glow in the Dark


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BENEFITS – This Yellow Neon Face and Body Paint is your ticket to a mesmerizing glow. Specially designed to reflect in UV black light, it ensures you’ll be the luminary of any event, captivating all eyes on you.

PERFECT FOR – Ideal for neon-themed parties, raves, and events under UV light.Tailor-made for makeup artists, body painters, and cosplayers aiming to amplify their creations with UV brilliance. Watch as your designs come alive under the magic of UV Black Light.

FEATURES – This paint boasts a vivid yellow hue that truly shines under UV light. It transforms from a bold statement in daylight to an incandescent beacon under blacklight. Formulated with UV-reactive pigments, this paint comes to life under UV black light ensuring you’re the center of attention

NEEDS – Tailored for individuals who love to make a statement and revel in the spotlight. This Yellow Neon Face and Body Paint is a must-have for those who want to light up the night.

INSIDE THE PACK – this packet contains – 1 PCS Yellow Neon Face and Body Paint

PLEASE NOTE: The paint does not glow in the dark just by using it in a dark area or dark room, it requires special UV Black Lights to glow in a pitch-dark area. The UV colors shine best in pitch darkness without any ray of normal light, only requiring UV Black Light.

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Make every event a spectacular UV experience with this Yellow Neon Face and Body Paint. Elevate your gatherings, creating an ambiance of radiant enchantment for kids birthday party, fancy dress costume parties, corporate events, cosplay, Halloween makeup, and stage performance. 1PC

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm