Wanna Party Hbd Princess Crown Balloon 20″ S55


DESIGN: Happy Birthday Princess Balloon in a crown shape makes for a quirky addition to a Birthday party decoration. The crown shape of the balloon adds to the charm further making the birthday party a grand affair. A Pack of 1 Foil balloon comes in a shape of crown with text “Happy Birthday Princess”.

THEME: Balloon for little girl’s Birthday party, Mom’s birthday party, sister’s birthday, friend’s birthday or any other girl that you adore.

USAGE: Happy Birthday Princess balloon in gold and pink color can be combined with other foil and latex balloons in contrasting colors. It uses MicroSeal technology for strong and longer lasting seal with a seamless appearance and can reused if handled well.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: Pack of 1 Crown Happy Birthday Princess Balloon arrives uninflated and measures 20″ on inflating.

DISCOUNTED SERVICE: Visit your nearest Wanna Party outlet to get your balloons Air Inflated for FREE and we fill Helium Balloons at a discounted price if you buy from us and also add ribbons and balloon weights to the balloon for free, at no extra cost.

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