UV Glow in the Dark Helium Quality Balloons 12″ – Pack of 10


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UV/Neon Balloons: Balloons for glowing party decoration, contain 10 neon balloons in various colors, turn on your UV Black Light and the balloon glows giving this amazin visual effect. These neon fluorescent party balloons come in more than 5 colors including red, orange, yellow, green, purple etc which are neon in normal light and glowing flourescent in specific violet or black light, very beautiful. Please remember, Neon colored balloons will not glow in the dark without a UV black light.

When To Use: These reactive latex balloons are perfect for black light party decorations, glow in the dark theme night, UV Party, Neon Party, BIrthday Parties, holiday carnivals, graduations, anniversaries, retirement, weddings, banquets, holiday celebrations, Christmas, school events and more.

How To Use: Please expose the balloon to some natural sunlight or room lights before inflating so it absorbs light and reflects it in UV light for longer glow. The longer you exposre them the longer they shall glow.

Helium Quality: Balloons are of Helium Quality bur arrive uninflated and can easily be inflated with Helium Gas at your nearest gas provider or visit any Wanna Party Store near you. Once filled with helium the balloons are expected to be suspended in the air for 8-10 Hours or more, depending on the quality of the helium. Please remember we will not be responsible for balloon breaking during inflation or lesser suspension time. 8-10 Hours is an estimate if the balloons are kept in cool conditions, it can last longer or lesser.

Exposure To Heat: Avoid the balloons exposure to direct heat source after inflating or before. Uninflated Balloons loose its shine under sun if exposed for long and helium inflated balloons may burst if exposed to direct sun as Helium Gas expands when exposed to heat and thus leads to quicket bursting of the balloons.

INSIDE THE PACK: Each Pack contains 10 Neon or UV Glow Balloons measuring 12 inches each.

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Wanna Party Pack of 10-12″ UV Neon Balloons Glow in the Dark Balloons Neon Party Supplies Black Light Balloons for Glow Party Helium Fluorescent Latex Neon Balloons for Kids Birthday Decoration

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