Ultra Hi Float Pint W Pump 16oz

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Ultra Hi Float Pint W Pump size
Ultra Hi Float Pint W Pump for balloon
Ultra Hi Float Pint
Ultra Hi Float Pint W Pump


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EXTENDED FLOAT TIME: With our Hi-Float Balloons Treatment, latex balloons retain their size and shape much longer; float time increases up to 25 times more.

HIGH-VALUE PRODUCT: With ULTRA HI-FLOAT, party decorations can be prepared a day ahead of time, and balloon bouquets will float for several days.

NON-TOXIC: HI-FLOAT is non-toxic and non-irritating. It is very similar to the glue found on the back of postage stamps.

CAPACITY: 16 oz. Pump Dispenser.

NOTE: For added safety, glasses or safety goggles are recommended when inflating treated balloons to avoid eye contact.

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