Wanna Party Transparent Balloons with Silver Confetti 12″ – 5 Pieces

transparent balloons with silver confetti instructions
transparent balloons with silver confetti 5pcs
transparent balloons with silver confetti 5pcs
transparent balloons with silver confetti


DESIGN: The Silver confetti inside the transparent balloon makes the design so unique and exquisite. After inflating the balloon, use your hands to rub the outside of the balloon for the confetti to stick to its inner surface due to friction.

OCCASION: Celebrate your birthday, bachelorette or any house-party in style with this amazing transparent balloons with Silver confetti. Perfect for Wedding, Valentine?s day, graduation party, baby shower etc.

HELIUM QUALITY: Visit your nearest helium gas provider and have the balloons filled with helium or else simply use an air pump and inflate the balloon with normal air. Do not over-inflate, we will not be responsible if the balloons bursts due to over inflation. The recommended expansion rate is 95%.

DISCOUNTED SERVICE: Visit your nearest Wanna Party outlet to get your balloons Air Inflated for FREE and we fill Helium Balloons at a discounted price if you buy from us. We also add ribbons and balloon weights to the balloon for free, at no extra cost.

SIZE: This Foil Balloon measures 12 inches and is made of high-quality aluminum film, which is safe and non-toxic.

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