Star Neon Shutter Shades – 6PC

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Star Neon Shutter Shades for kids
Star Neon Shutter Shades for party
4 Star Neon Shutter Shades

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  • These shutter glasses are awesome for any parties, especially for an ’80s themed party; everyone loves them and wants to wear them; they will instantly set your party apart from the others.
  • Perfect for new year?s eve parties, graduation events and neon themed parties, these shades will be a hit with your guests
  • Trust us, kids just love them; They are great gifts for your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews; Kids will wear them around and all day long.
  • Based on the modernized design in the early 1980s; These glasses are great for people who like that retro feel; They will instantly make you the center of the attention Hand them out to all the partygoers so everyone can be stylish and colorful.

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