Shimmery Metallic Butterfly Paper Mask – 8PC

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BENEFITS – These shimmery metallic butterfly paper masks instantly elevate the elegance of your event. The set includes masks in pink, teal, blue, and purple, allowing your guests to choose the color that best complements their outfit or mood

FEATURES – The masks feature intricate butterfly designs with gold foil detail, exuding a shimmery and glamorous aura. The wings extend to 7.5 inches in width and reach 5.25 inches in height

USES – These shimmery metallic butterfly paper masks are perfect for a wide range of events, including masquerade balls, costume parties, weddings, birthday celebrations, and any gathering where you want to add a dash of mystery and sophistication.

REUSABLE – These masks are designed to be sturdy and reusable. After the event, they can be stored carefully and used again for future occasions, providing lasting value and elegance.

INSIDE THE PACK: This package contains – 8 PCS Shimmery Metallic Butterfly Paper Mask

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