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  • You might think giant number balloons are only for birthdays or New Year’s Eve. Not so! These foil number balloons are incredibly versatile. Numbers have endless significance, like the year of a graduation, the age of an anniversary, or advertising a home address so no one misses where the party’s at.
  • This self standing number ballooons can be a great option to put it on your dining table or at the entrance of your door or any place else where you want them to be visible and make a mark.
  • STANDING TIME:If properly inflated, this self standing foil balloon can last more a month filled with air. This balloon has a cool featre of standing on its own and hence no troublle of filling with helium or looking for a vendor who could fill this for you.
  • SELF SEALING: Our foil balloons automatically seal when you stop filling them ? no tying, twisting, or knotting necessary.
  • INFLATION: Balloons arrive uninflated. These self standing balloons can be filled with balloon air pump often used for filling latex balloons. Buy our balloon inflation hand pumps with it to inflate them.

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Number 1 Self Standing Balloons 32 inches| Rose Gold Number Foil Balloon|Numerical Balloons | Number 1 Balloons for Birthday /Anniversary Party Decorations/1st Bday decoration items for girls.

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