Peppa Pig Balloon Set Of 5

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BENEFITS – The Peppa Pig balloons make for delightful photo backdrops, capturing the spirit of the celebration and creating lasting memories, With a variety of balloons, including Peppa Pig character balloons and golden star accents

FEATURES- This set includes a Peppa Pig-shaped balloon, along with two round Peppa Pig family portrait balloons, Adding a touch of sparkle and elegance, two golden star balloons complement the Peppa Pig balloons perfectly.

PARTYWARE – The Peppa Pig Balloon Set of 5 is more than just decorations; it’s an expression of fandom and a source of delight. It’s perfect for Peppa Pig-themed parties, birthday celebrations, and gatherings where you want to create a playful and inviting atmosphere.

NEED – If you’re looking to infuse your event with the magic of Peppa Pig, the Peppa Pig Balloon Set of 5 is a must-have. With its charming character balloons, golden star accents

INSIDE THE PACK: This package contains – 5 PCS Peppa Pig Balloon Set

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