Olive Green Color Balloons 10″ – 20 PC


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Lush Olive Green Radiance: Embrace the serenity of nature with our exquisite latex balloons, casting a refreshing olive green hue that breathes life into your celebrations.

Harmonious Decor Accent: – Whether it’s a garden party, a woodland wedding, or a sustainable-themed event. Unleash your imaginative spirit, creating balloon bouquets, garlands, or enchanting arches that capture the essence of nature’s rejuvenating olive green palette.

20-Piece Green Symphony: Elevate your decor with a generous set of 20 Olive Green Latex Balloons, ensuring your celebration is adorned with the lushness of nature.

Perfectly Petite Size: At a charming 10 inches post-inflation, these balloons infuse a delightful touch of green without overwhelming your decor.

INSIDE THE PACK: This package contains – 20 PC Olive Green Color Balloons 10″

Note: Balloons arrive uninflated and can be filled with normal air or helium. To inflate with helium please visit your closest Wanna Party store or contact any helium gas provider near you.

Helium charges Extra Apply.

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