Numerical Balloon No. 8

Numerical Balloon No. 8 for party
Numerical Balloon No. 8 40 inches size
Numerical Balloon No. 8 40 inches
Numerical Balloon No. 8 guide


  • You might think giant number balloons are only for birthdays or New Year’s Eve. Not so! These gold foil number balloons are incredibly versatile. Numbers have endless significance, like the year of a graduation, the age of an anniversary, or advertising a home address so no one misses where the party’s at.
  • The number balloons’ metallic gold finish only adds to their versatility. Gold is a strong color on its own, which is why people often feature it in a party’s color scheme. But gold is also a great complementary color, especially for softer palettes like spring pastels.
  • FLOAT TIME:If properly inflated, foil balloons can last more than a week when filled with helium, and more than six weeks when filled with air.
  • SELF SEALING: Our foil balloons automatically seal when you stop filling them ? no tying, twisting, or knotting necessary.
  • INFLATION: Balloons arrive uninflated. Balloons will float only when filled with helium. You can take your balloons to nearest Wanna Party store for getting it inflated.

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Number 8 Gold Balloons 40 inches | Age Number Foil Balloons | 8th Birthday Foil Balloon for Birthday Decorations and Balloon Bouquets

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