Numerical 4 Cake Topper Rose Gold-1PC


Unveil the epitome of sophistication and jubilation with our Numerical 4 Cake Topper in dazzling Rose Gold. This single piece isn’t just a topper; it’s a testament to your milestone achievement and a beacon of radiance that will illuminate your celebration with an irresistible charm.

Versatile Elegance: From lavish weddings to intimate birthdays, the Numerical 4 Cake Topper in Rose Gold adapts effortlessly to any celebration. Its versatility ensures that your cake, whether grand or petite, radiates an air of timeless elegance. Each stroke of rose gold is a stroke of artistry, a reminder that your celebration deserves nothing less

Glowing Keepsake: Once the last slice has been savored, this topper doesn’t fade into obscurity. Cherish it as a keepsake, a gleaming reminder of a joyous moment that will forever shine in your heart and memory.

Let the Numerical 4 Cake Topper in Rose Gold illuminate your celebration, casting a warm glow that brings smiles, laughter, and a sense of accomplishment. It’s more than a decoration – it’s a radiant symbol of your shining moment.

INSIDE THE PACK: This package contains 1 PCS Numerical 4 Cake Topper Rose Gold

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