Neon Yellow Glitter Hat


  • WHAT IS IT? : The Neon Yellow Glitter Top Hat features a classically designed solid color Top Hat that is embellished with a bunch of glitters and sparkling materials.
  • QUALITY: Made from high quality materials that are ensured to be safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Each pack contains 1 count of Derby Hat. Other colors include: Black Glitter Hat, Red Glitter Hat, Yellow Glitter Hats, Pink Glitter Hats, Blue Glitter Hats, Green Glitter Hats and Silver Glitter Hats. Silver and Gold Glitter hats.
  • USE / REUSE: Can be used for a party and also be reused for any future party if handled well. Perfect to be used for a morning/daytime event or an evening party.
  • THEME: Sparkling Top Hat is a perfect accessory for Halloween costumes, Christmas parties, birthday parties, Mardi Gras, Hawaiian theme party, retro theme party, holi party, stage shows and performances. Also makes a great gift, party favor, game prize or rewards, and giveaways.
  • SIZE & FIT: One size fits everyone. This Glitter Hat is very suitable for kids of all ages and those who are kids at heart.

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