Metallic White Latex Balloons 12″ Helium White Balloons for Birthday Decoration items

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Metallic White Latex – Our white metallic balloons are perfect for adding flair to any special occasion. Whether you’re searching for bridal shower decor, or white wedding balloons, our 12-inch white balloons will make the celebration even more special.

Versatile Decor: These white 12 inch balloons can be easily inflated to create beautiful balloon bouquets. You can also use them to decorate doorways and entrances for a grand entrance. Let your creativity soar with these amazing balloons!

PERFECT FOR – Perfect for making balloon arches, balloon columns, balloon clusters on birthday, bridal shower,baby shower

Combinations – Mix and match with other colors to create a stunning visual impact. Try classic schemes like blue, white, and red, or get creative with gold, pink, or white.

INSIDE THE PACK: This package contains – 1 PCs Metallic White Latex Balloons 12″

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Wanna party White Metallic Balloons 12″ Helium White Latex Balloons for Birthday Decoration items ,Anniversary, Baby Shower, Weddings  &Other party Occasions-Pack of 20

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