Helium Quality Red Latex Balloons 12″ – 10PC


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Classic Elegance: Wanna Party Red Latex Balloons 12″ bring a timeless touch of classic elegance to your celebrations. The rich red color adds a sense of warmth and sophistication, making them suitable for a variety of events.

Perfect for Any Occasion: The classic red hue of these balloons makes them versatile for various occasions, from romantic events like weddings and anniversaries to festive celebrations such as birthdays and holidays.

High-Quality Latex: Crafted from durable latex material, these balloons are designed to maintain their vibrant color and shape throughout your event. The high-quality latex ensures a smooth surface and reliable performance when inflated with helium or air.

Easy to Inflate: Whether you’re using helium or air, these red latex balloons are easy to inflate, making your decorating process a breeze. The standard size and user-friendly design allow for quick and efficient preparation.

Versatile Size: With a 12-inch diameter, these balloons strike the perfect balance between visibility and manageability. Ideal for creating balloon bouquets and arches or simply scattering them around the room, these balloons can be tailored to suit any decorative vision.

Note: Balloons arrive uninflated and can be filled with normal air or helium. To inflate with helium please visit your closest Wanna Party store or contact any helium gas provider near you.

Helium charges Extra Apply.

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Wanna Party Red Balloons, 10 Pack 12 Inch Red Latex Balloons, Helium Quality Party Balloons for Baby Shower Wedding Graduation Christmas Birthday Decorations

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