Happy Birthday Stary Affairs Aluminium Film Blue L


PARTY FAVOR: Celebrate your special day in a star-studded fashion with our Happy Birthday Starry Affairs Aluminum Film Blue Loot Bags! This set of 10 loot bags is designed to add a touch of celestial elegance to your birthday festivities.

STARRY ELEGANCE: The shimmering blue aluminum film background is adorned with an enchanting constellation of stars, creating a magical and sophisticated ambiance that suits both kids’ and adults’ birthday celebrations.

CONVENIENT HANDLES: The loot bags come with sturdy handles, making them easy to carry for both children and adults, ensuring a hassle-free experience when distributing party favors.

GENEROUS SIZE: Each loot bag measures 12″ x 8″, providing ample space for a variety of party favors, candies, small gifts, and trinkets that will delight your guests.

INSIDE THE PACK: With a pack of 10 loot bags, you’re equipped to share the starry enchantment with your guests. These loot bags are ideal for creating a cohesive theme and ensuring every attendee leaves with a piece of the celebration.

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