Golden Snowflake Tree Topper 10″ X 6″


* Wanna Party Gold Snowflake Tree Topper Xmas decoration is a pretty ornament which creates a sparkle in your home.

*The bling 3D tree topper is 10″ x 6″ and has a spiral wire for simple and secure attachment.

*The unique finish with hand made beads and the jewels catch the light and add a modern holiday vibe.

*Since the topper is made from metal we only recommend using it with Christmas trees with strong and stiff tops.

*This stunning bright tree topper would complete a look of a traditional elegant Christmas home.

*When Christmas is over, the tree topper can act as a steady decoration for your table, shelf, or piano top, this will extend the Christmas mood.

*Your holiday spirit will be enhanced to an extraordinary level with this wintery holiday item.

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