Golden & Silver Happy Birthday Noise Makers – 6PC

golden and silver blowout horns 6 pcs
golden and silver blowout horns


PARTY FAVORS: Whether you’re throwing a birthday bash, a family gathering, or any other festive occasion, our Happy Birthday Noisemakers will definitely elevate the festive spirit. The metallic silver and golden finishes add a touch of elegance to your celebrations, making them perfect for both kids and adults.

QUALITY SOUND: Simply blow into the whistle, and watch as the colorful paper streamers unfurl and dance around, creating a magical effect. These blowouts are designed to create a resounding noise that will fill the air with cheer and merriment.

SAFE & COMPACT: Party blowouts are safe and fun. Each whistle toy has rounded edges making partygoers worry-free. They’re lightweight and easy to carry, allowing guests to join in the fun wherever they are seated.

VERSATILE USES: Noisemakers are a common prop, whether to announce the beginning or closing of an event, show support for a favorite sports team, or simply convey one’s own enthusiasm. They can also be used as safety sirens and horns to warn people of an approaching risk or emergency.

INSIDE THE PACK: The pack contains 6 pieces of Golden & Silver Noisemakers.


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Make some noise at the birthday party with friends and family by handing out 6 PC of Golden & Silver Blowout Horns! These party horns feature two different designs. One design features silver headlines and other with gold headlines such as “Happy Birthday”. You can give these party horns out at the birthday party to celebrate the guest of honor!

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