Gold Metallic Paper Cups – 10PC -250ML


Luxe Gold Foil Finish: Unveil the opulence of our Gold Metallic Paper Cups. Indulge in a set of 10 cups, With a generous 250ml capacity, these cups are perfect for serving a variety of beverages, ensuring your guests stay refreshed.

Versatile for Any Celebration: From milestone birthdays to anniversary toasts, these gold cups are versatile enough to complement any celebratory theme. Featuring a sleek design with no additional prints, these cups allow the radiant gold foil to take center stage.

Mix and Match Brilliance: Pair these gold cups with other solid color tableware or mix them with complementary hues for a dazzling and personalized tabletop.

Toast to Radiant Moments: Let your drinks sparkle in our Gold Metallic Paper Cups, creating an atmosphere where every sip feels like a golden celebration. Cheers to elegance and style!”

INSIDE THE PACK: This package contains – 10 PCs Gold Metallic Paper Cups

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