Frozen Balloon Set


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  • Frozen balloons are very popular for kids, if you are planning to hold a birthday party for your kids, the bright color balloon set will create a big hit and great fun for your party
  • Add more festive touches to your event. We add Helium to the balloons and ENJOY
  • Foil balloons can last multiple days if filled and stored properly. Balloons used outdoors will have much less float time due to the elements

Note: Balloons arrive uninflated and can be filled with normal air or helium. To inflate with helium please visit your closest Wanna Party store or contact any helium gas provider near you.

Helium charges Extra Apply.

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Wanna Party Set of 5 Frozen Theme Balloon Bouquet/Birthday Decorations for Girls/Frozen Balloon Set for Kids.

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Dimensions 12 × 15 × 5 cm
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