Fringe Wired Red & Green 2D Stars Tree Wraps or Garland – 1PC



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FEATURES – Red & Green 2D Star Tree Wraps, This 6-foot decoration is not merely a wrap; it’s a journey through the cosmos of Christmas magic, featuring vibrant red and green 2D stars that illuminate your tree with celestial radiance.

BENEFITS – For those in search of starry holiday magic that evokes the wonder of a winter night, the Red & Green 2D Star Tree Wraps fulfill the need for an adornment that turns your tree into a celestial marvel.

USES – extend the use of the wraps to embellish other holiday elements such as wreaths or garlands, adding a touch of celestial charm to various areas of your home.

Reusable – Crafted with durability in mind, the Red & Green 2D Star Tree Wraps are reusable, ensuring that the vibrant stars maintain their celestial glow season after season.

INSIDE THE PACK: This package contains – 1 PC Red & Green 2D Star Tree Wraps

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Wanna Party Christmas Tinsel 2D Stars Tree Wraps,Sparkly Star Tinsel Garlands with Wire for Christmas Tree, Home, Wedding, Party, Festive Ornament (Red,Green)

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