Foil Silver & Black Blowouts – 6 PC


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Perfect Party Favor: Looking for party favors to celebrate your big days or small gifts for guests? Our Foil Silver & Black Blowouts make for fantastic take-home treats that will remind your guests of the joyful moments shared. These blowouts combine the elegance of silver and black with a fun and interactive element, making them perfect for birthdays, New Year’s parties, and special occasions.

Festive Foil Design: Our Foil Silver & Black Blowouts feature a stunning combination of silver and black foils that catch the light and create a shimmering effect. These blowouts instantly elevate the party atmosphere with their dazzling appearance.

Joyful Noise: Add a touch of glitz and interactive fun to your celebrations with our Foil Silver & Black Blowouts. Each blowout comes with a foil tube that unrolls to create a festive horn-like sound when blown into. It’s an interactive way to engage guests of all ages and add a joyful noise to the celebration.

Easy to Use: The blowouts are simple to use – just unroll the tube and blow into it to create a cheerful sound. They’re suitable for both kids and adults, adding an element of playfulness to the festivities.

Pack of 6: With 6 blowouts in each pack, you have enough to share the fun with your guests. Whether it’s a small gathering or a larger party, everyone can join in the excitement.

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