Foil Fringe Blowouts – 6PC

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Foil Fringe Blowouts size
Foil Fringe Blowouts for birthday party
Foil Fringe Blowouts wanna party
Foil Fringe Blowouts for birthday
Foil Fringe Blowouts for party
multi color Foil Fringe Blowouts
Foil Fringe Blowout


PACKAGE CONTAINS: Available in 6 Pcs Pack and is a total brouhaha at the time of Cake Cutting when kids are ready to wish the birthday boy or girl by blowing these noise makers.

Return Gift: A staple at any celebration, these blowouts come in assorted colors. Break out these party blowouts when it’s time to eat cake, or slip them into goody bags to send home with the guests.

Make Children Visit Memorable; Or, wait to hand them out at the end of the party for fun in the car on the way home!

Lets hear it! These musical blowouts will certainly add to the audio portion of your new year’s eve blowout.

Its a must have for every party.

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Wanna Party Foil Fringe Blowouts – 6PC | Noisemakers | Party Horns | Fun Whistles | Cheering Props for Kids Party

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