Wanna Party Face Paint Black

Face Paint Black for photoshoot
Face Paint Black for halloween
Face Paint Black for girl
Face Paint Black


PARTY FAVOR: Get ready to scare your friends with a sneaky look this Halloween with Wanna Party Black Face Paint. Amazing party favor that gives an intense look to your outfit & fulfills the sole purpose of your makeup for whichever event you?re getting ready for.

THEME: Suitable for all occasions and festivities! Whether it’s a costume party, cosplay, fancy dress, a play date, a school function, birthday, halloween, or a christmas celebration, this face paint will surely entertain you and your kids.

WAX-BASED: This washable face paint is wax-based and will not crack or peel with extended use. Easy to blend, soft on the skin. It is certified non-toxic and does not contain harmful chemicals.

APPLICATION: Add a little water to a brush or sponge, dab on some paint, and apply. When done, just wash off with soap & water, it?s that easy!

NOTE: Black paint may stain fabric so it is advised to use cautiously to avoid staining clothes when applying and removing.

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