Draconian Priest Robe Red – XL

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FEATURES – The Draconian Priest Robe is available in adult size XL., The rich red color of the robe exudes a sense of authority and mystique. The inclusion of a rope belt and collar with an attached hood further enhances the authenticity of your medieval monk persona.

BENEFITS – The Draconian Priest Robe in Red exudes an air of medieval mystique, making it a captivating choice for themed events, costume parties, or renaissance fairs. Its regal design and rich red hue instantly transport you to a bygone era.

PARTYWARE – The Draconian Priest Robe isn’t just a costume; it’s a gateway to a medieval world of mystery and intrigue. It’s perfect for costume parties, renaissance-themed events, historical reenactments, and any occasion

REUSABLE – Made with durable materials, this costume can be carefully stored and reused for future events. Its enduring design ensures it remains a reliable and captivating addition to your costume collection.

INSIDE THE PACK: This package contains – one red Draconian Priest Robe size XL and a rope.

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