Detective Toy Pipe Costume Accessory


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FUN ACCESSORY: Uncover the secrets, solve the puzzles, and immerse yourself in the world of mystery with our Detective Toy Pipe Costume Accessory. As you gather clues, mingle with other guests, or crack the case, the Detective Toy Pipe becomes an extension of your character.

LIFELIKE DESIGN: The pipe’s design features authentic elements that give the illusion of a working pipe without any actual smoke or heat, making it a suitable and entertaining addition to any event. Step into the shoes of a master investigator and complete your transformation with our Detective Toy Pipe Costume Accessory.

VERSATILE PARTY PROP: Ideal for Halloween parties, costume events, murder mystery dinners, or themed gatherings, this accessory elevates your costume from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you’re channeling the spirit of Sherlock Holmes or creating your own unique detective character, this accessory is a must-have for your costume.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Constructed from lightweight and safe materials, the Detective Toy Pipe offers a comfortable grip, allowing you to seamlessly carry out your investigative duties while looking the part.

EASY TO HOLD: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this toy pipe accessory perfectly captures the classic detective aesthetic with easy and comfortable gripping.

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Wanna Party Detective Tobacco Toy Play Pipe for Halloween Party Props/ Costume Accessories

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