Curly Multicolor Candle -12PC


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DECORATIVE CANDLES: Introducing our enchanting set of Curly Multicolor Candles – a pack of 12 delightful candles that will add a touch of whimsy and vibrancy to any celebration. These candles are not just for lighting up the room, but also for creating a cheerful and captivating atmosphere that’s perfect for birthdays, parties, and special occasions.

CURLY DESIGN: Our Curly Multicolor Candles stand out with their unique, curly design. These playful spirals add a sense of movement and excitement to your cake or decoration, making them an instant conversation starter.

VIBRANT MULTICOLOR: Each pack includes a variety of vivid colors, adding a burst of energy and joy to your celebration. The multicolor candles create a visually captivating display that complements any theme or setting.

EASY INSERTION: Each candle features a stable base for easy insertion into cakes, cupcakes, or other desserts. The curly design adds a playful touch while making them easy to handle and position.

SET OF 12: With 12 candles in each pack, you’ll have plenty to light up even the grandest of cakes or decorations. Make every celebration memorable and ensure that every guest can join in the excitement.

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Wanna Party 12 count Twisty Curly Multicolor Birthday Candles Spiral Cake Candles with Holders,Cake Cupcake Candles Long Thin Curly Coil Cake Candles for Birthday, Wedding Party and Cake Decoration (Multicolor))

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