Ceiling Decoration for Cozy Bedroom Setting – Pack of 12 PC


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Romantic Ambiance: Create a romantic atmosphere with our “Love is in the Air” Anniversary Swirl Decorations. The delicate pink foil swirls, combined with charming cardstock cutouts, add a touch of romance to your anniversary celebration, setting the perfect mood for love.

Whimsical Design: The swirl decorations feature whimsical cardstock cutouts with romantic motifs, such as hearts and love birds, enhancing the overall theme of love in the air. The combination of pink foil and charming cutouts brings a sense of whimsy and joy to your anniversary decor.

Easy Hanging: Each swirl comes with an attached hook, making it easy to hang them from ceilings, doorways, or any other desired location. Transform your space effortlessly and create a visually stunning environment for your anniversary celebration.

Versatile Decor: Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner or a grand anniversary party, these decorations complement a variety of settings. Mix and match them with other anniversary decor items to create a cohesive and enchanting ambiance that celebrates the love that is truly in the air.

Inside the Pack: It includes a set of 12 Swirls. 6 Swirls are along with 5″ Cutouts and 6 Swirls are plain, without Cutouts.

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Happy Anniversary Swirl Decoration

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