Brilliant Birthday Marquee Balloons 31″ P50

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CELEBRATE IN STYLE: Accent your birthday bash with this 30″ large Birthday Marque Balloon. Classic design featuring shimmery colorful stars attached to a Black giant balloon.

BALLOON BOUQUET: This Marque Balloon contrast nicely with other foil or latex balloons to make a nice balloon bouquet and bring out the best to any photo backdrop or selfie booth.

DISCOUNTED SERVICE: Visit your nearest Wanna Party outlet to get your balloon Air Inflated for FREE and we fill Helium Balloons at a discounted price if you buy from us. We also add ribbons and balloon weights to the balloon for free.

QUALITY: This balloon includes a self-sealing valve, preventing the gas from escaping after being inflated.

SIZE: This Foil Balloon measures 30 inches and is made of high-quality aluminum film, which is safe and non-toxic.

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