Bobo Transparent Balloon w/Golden & Black Balloons – 10PC

Bobo Transparent Balloon w/Golden & Black Balloon
Bobo Transparent Balloon w/Golden & Black Balloons for pool party
Bobo Transparent Balloon w/Golden & Black Balloons for decoration
Bobo Transparent Balloon w/Golden & Black Balloons for party


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  • Our set of Bobo Transparent Balloons also called gumballs consists of total 10 pieces containing 9 small assorted Golden and Black Balloons and 1 large Transparent balloon.
  • Our crystal balloons in balloon or Bobo transparent gumball balloons are a perfect addition to any party. The large transparent balloon measures 24 inches and the small ones inserted inside it measure 5″ each after inflation, making it easy for you to decorate your party.
  • These round clear bubble balloons are made of PVC material, which is a non-toxic and reusable with high elasticity. These transparent bobo balloons are suitable for various occasions such as Birthday parties, Baby Shower, Weddings, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s parties, Graduation celebrations or any other party.
  • Note: Balloons arrive uninflated and can be filled with normal air or helium. To inflate with helium please visit your closest Wanna Party store or contact any helium gas provider near you.
  • Bobo balloons are usually required to stretch before inflation, this helps in easy inflation. Sometimes you see the wrinkles on the balloon as a result of stretching or inflation, this does not signify that the piece is damaged or defective, therefore, please feel free to use.

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24″ Clear Transparent Bobo Balloons for Birthday| Stuffed Balloons | Gumball Balloons | Balloons in a Balloon | Bubble Balloons for Wedding, Pool Party, Anniversary – Pack of 10

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