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Green Beer Pong Cups
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Beer Pong Cups
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Beer Pong Cups Green


  • WHAT IS IT? : An ultimate party game where you shoot your chance to gulp down your favourite drink. All you have to do in Beer Pong is set the Beer Pong Cups in a postion at two opposite ends for each team, each player throws a tennis into the cups placed and if it lands in any, you get to drink the desired beverage/alcohol in teh cup.
  • MORE ABOUT TABLEWARE: Our Beer Pong Cups are a great addition to make your gatherings a hit. A pack of 20 Green Beer Pong Cups made with sturdy material making it easily usable to play the game as well as pour in your favourite drinks at the party.
  • HOW TO USE: Multiple use of Beer Pong Cups makes it a value for money addition to your get together. Just position the cups on a table to play and as the game continues remove the cups that have the tennis ball landing in them and use them to pour the drink for the shooter.
  • THEME: Can be used in wedding, birthday party, anniversary, Baby shower, bridal shower, bachelorette party, welcome party, farewell party, congratulatory party or any other theme party. Beer Pong adds to the celebration making you indulge in fun party game.
  • NOTE: Reusable

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Wanna Party Beer Pong Cups Green 450 ML – 20 PC| Green Drinking Cups | Disposable Party Cups

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