Balloon Centerpiece Stand w/Light-1PC


Balloon Centerpiece Stand, is meticulously designed to transcend the ordinary and illuminate your celebrations. This masterpiece, adorned with LED brilliance, is your gateway to a realm where elegance meets innovation.

Use: The Balloon Centerpiece Stand is your gateway to crafting breathtaking table decor. Its captivating LED light accentuates your balloon arrangements, transforming them into awe-inspiring spectacles that enchant and enthrall. Effortlessly put together the stand with minimal fuss, allowing you more time to indulge in creative expression.

Features: Embedded LED light casts a gentle and mesmerizing glow upon your balloons, setting the stage for enchantment. The stand’s thoughtful design accommodates up to six balloons, allowing for artful compositions that radiate elegance. Crafted from robust materials, the centerpiece stand offers unwavering support and stability.

Its union of LED radiance and versatile design sets it apart as a beacon of sophistication, making it an essential choice for hosts, event designers, and anyone who seeks to create spellbinding celebrations that linger in memories long after the lights dim. Illuminate your events and let the festivities ascend to an elevated brilliance that leaves an indelible mark.

INSIDE THE PACK: This package contains single Balloon Arch Kit For Tables / a circle Balloon Arch Kit – Great for Table Decoration

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Wanna Party 6Pcs Balloon Stand wth LED Light for Decoration, Balloon Sticks with Base for Table Centerpiece decorations for Birthday Baby Shower Graduation Party Decorations

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