Apple Red Color Spoons / Cutlery Premium & Sturdy (Washable & Reusable) – 20PC


BENEFITS – These Red Spoons aren’t just utensils; they’re a statement of vibrant taste. Their bold color adds an instant pop of excitement to your table setting, turning every meal into a spirited occasion

FEATURES – Measuring 15cm, Each spoon boasts a striking red color that’s bound to grab attention. This bold shade adds an element of fun and liveliness to your table setting, making every meal a memorable occasion.

PERFECT FOR – Perfect for parties or events with a color-coordinated theme. These spoons not only provide an essential dining utensil but also add an exciting visual element to the celebration.

USES – Red Spoons are more than just utensils; they’re an invitation to a world of culinary delight. Perfect for formal dinners, casual gatherings, or themed events.

INSIDE THE PACK: This package contains – 20 PCS Tableware Red Spoons

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Wanna Party Exquisite Solid Color Premium Cutlery, Heavy Duty Washable and Reusable Disposable Spoons – 20 Count – Red

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