Angel Halo Wings and Wand Set – Kids

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FEATURES –The wings measure a delightful 80cm in length and 45cm in height, striking a perfect balance for young angels. The exquisite wings, a feathered angel headband, and a heart-shaped wand completes the ensemble with an enchanting flourish

BENEFIT- The Angel Halo Wings and Wand Set allows your child to step into the enchanted world of angels. With delicate details and a pure white hue, this ensemble is perfect for costume parties, dress-up play, or any event where they want to radiate angelic charm.

PARTYWARE – The Angel Halo Wings and Wand Set isn’t just an accessory; it’s a source of enchantment and wonder. It’s perfect for costume parties, playdates, school events, or any occasion where your child wants to bring a touch of angelic magic

REUSABLE – Crafted with durable materials, these accessories can be carefully stored and reused for future adventures. Their enduring design ensures they remain reliable and cherished additions to your child’s imaginative playtime.

INSIDE THE PACK: This package contains – Angel Halo Wings, a headband, and a Wand for Kids

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