Halloween Reversible Red & Black Cloak


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Benefits – This Reversible Cloak is the epitome of vampiric allure. With dual-sided red and black velvet, you can embody both the seductive charm and the mysterious allure of a vampire, ensuring you’re the talk of the Halloween night.

Uses – Perfect for Halloween, this cloak transforms you into a captivating and enigmatic figure. Whether you’re portraying a seductive vampiress or a brooding vampire lord

Features – Crafted with sumptuous red velvet on one side and rich black velvet on the other, this cloak offers versatility in style. The vivid colors provide a striking contrast, The collar of this cloak can be shaped and adjusted to suit your desired look.

Needs – Ideal for individuals who value the art of transformation and demand the highest level of authenticity in their costumes, ensuring they become the embodiment of their chosen character.

INSIDE THE PACK: This package contains – 1 PCS No. Red & Black Reversible Cloak

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A stylish choice for cost-conscious vampires! Black & Red Reversible Vampire Cape features a fully reversible design. Vampire Cape comes with an adjustable collar and is fastened with a black string tie. One size Vampire Cape fits most adult fiends.

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