5 Colored Flame Birthday Cake Candle – 5PC


Vibrant Birthday Candle: Enhance your birthday cake with a burst of magic using 5 Colored Flame Birthday Cake Candles—a set of 5 candles, each offering a different mesmerizing color. Watch in awe as these candles create a dazzling display with multicolor flames—blue, green, red, orange, and purple

Dynamic Party Favors: Transform your cake into a dynamic party favor by incorporating these colored flame candles, leaving a lasting impression on your guests A must-have in your party supplies collection, these candles bring an element of surprise and wonder to your birthday party..

Interactive Flame Magic: Create an interactive experience as each flame changes color, providing an engaging and magical moment during the birthday celebration.

Colorful Candle Euphoria: Experience a euphoria of colors with 5 Colored Flame Birthday Cake Candles – 5PC, turning your birthday celebration into a magical kaleidoscope of joy and wonder!

INSIDE THE PACK: This package contains – 5 PCS 5 Colored Flame Birthday Cake Candle

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Wanna Party 5 Coloured Flame Party Candles | Multicoloured Flames | Perfect for Birthday Cakes

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