18″ Matte Flamingo Pink Heart Balloons S15

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Matte Flamingo Pink Heart Balloons for decoration
Matte Flamingo Pink Balloons
Matte Flamingo Pink Heart Balloon


DESIGN: Bring the love to your party with this Pink Flamingo Heart Balloon. Featuring a matte pink finish, this foil balloon adds decorative color to your New Year?s Eve party, birthday, anniversary or wedding.

BALLOON BOUQUET: A classic party essential, the pink heart-shaped balloon is perfect to use alone or as part of a unique balloon bouquet. Match the decor at any party with this pink foil balloon!

DISCOUNTED SERVICE: Visit your nearest Wanna Party outlet to get your balloon Air Inflated for FREE and we fill Helium Balloons at a discounted price if you buy from us. We also add ribbons and balloon weights to the balloon for free.

QUALITY: This balloon includes a self-sealing valve, preventing the gas from escaping after being inflated.

SIZE: This Foil Balloon measures 18 inches and is made of high-quality aluminum film, which is safe and non-toxic.

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Dimensions 12 × 15 × 5 cm


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