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Space Party


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Outer space is enigmatic and beautiful as it holds many unexplained secrets. Especially for boys, who figure out our solar system to be more fascinating and want to be astronauts & rocket scientists. Many movies like Interstellar, Gravity, and Star Wars have taken this craze a little further with their storyline and unique characters. If your little lad is a huge space fanatic and dreams of becoming an astronaut then you must surprise him with amazing Space Theme Birthday Party Decorations. Throwing a Birthday party around the ‘space or galaxy’ theme is quite easy with Space Theme Party supplies by Wanna Party.

A Space-themed party isn’t only about astronauts, planets, stars & moon on the wall or stuck to the ceiling. It’s more about the minor detailing of your buffet table, photo backdrop design & decoration, theme snacks & servings, or invitation cards. We, at Wanna Party, offer a variety of party supplies to give your space-theme party a real & complete outer-space look and feel. Greet your guests at the door with a space-theme birthday banner and star-studded swirls accompanied by colorful foil balloons. We have a rocket-shaped, astronaut, star-shaped foil balloons that are sure to take your party decor to the next level.

Boost up the party space with cutouts of flying saucers, planets and space shuttles. Our blue & black foil curtain along with table covers will add a lovely finishing touch to the whole setup. You can also use a balloon arch with a happy birthday banner combined with some other inflatables too. Take your party one step forward with planets, spaceships, astronauts, or alien-like inflatables.

Start your planning with a perfect space-themed table setting. Toss it with a blue space-like starry print table cloth for a sparkling effect. Amaze your guests with rocket cutout napkins, space print paper plates & cups and add solid blue forks and spoons to your party table for a dreamy space appearance. Make your little guests relish a real intergalactic party by making them wear cool party hats that complement the theme. Finally, Delight your guests by sending them home with lovely thank you cards and goodies that are in line with the space theme.

How Wanna Party can help you with Space Party Decorations?

Wanna Party understands it is not that easy to plan a space theme birthday party. It needs a lot of hard work & searching for the right party favors that go well with the theme. Therefore, we bring to you the best party supplies and decorations with a variety of unique themes to choose from. Our trained staff at the stores will help you find the exact match of the items. By combining our range of supplies with your own personal creativity, your kid’s space birthday celebration is sure to be a rocking one.

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