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ice bucket for party

What’s better on a hot summer day than an ice-cold beer while enjoying your favorite sport? Keep your drinks chilled as long as you wish with an Ice Bucket. It’s the newest game-changing party essential that allows you to store and cool any beverage of your choice (Our recommendation is Beer, of course).

Entertain your guests by throwing a lovely cocktail party on a hot summer day at your home. For this, you need to keep ice buckets handy in your home bar as it allows you to store drinks that look nicer than keeping them in an ice container. A Home bar is a pleasing idea as it gives the liberty to invite your favorite people to your place with all the essential barware. Beer in a bucket looks more fun & appealing than bottles or cans stocked up on the table. So if you are still unaware of the beer bucket craze, believe the hype. It’s the best way to serve an already awesome product and worth all your money.

If you own a bar or restaurant that makes use of ice buckets, there are branding and financial advantages to using them. Running a beer bucket challenge or similar promotion is a great strategy to create hype among the crowd. This will bring in more customers and ultimately make more money. If you work in a bar or a restaurant, it’s less work as you don’t have to go again & again bringing beers to your customers.

If you wish to purchase ice buckets, there are certain things you should consider while making your purchase. Continue reading to find out more!




Types of Ice Buckets

There are many options available in the market for beer buckets, be sure you are purchasing the one that meets your buying needs. Let’s dive into some of the bucket types while choosing ice buckets.

  1. Plastic Ice Buckets

Plastic ice buckets are the most basic yet elementary form of ice buckets made of plastic. If you are aiming to spend less, they are surely an inexpensive and the most appealing reason to make a purchase. Plastic ice buckets are often sold in bulk with many different color options available & you need to select your favorite style & order hundreds at a time.

  1. Metal Ice Buckets

Go for a metal beer bucket if you are willing to spend a little extra money to impress your friends or relatives at a gathering. The metal buckets can keep the ice from melting on a hot day for a longer period of time. They usually come with handles for easy gripping & are durable and easy to clean.


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  1. Acrylic Ice Bucket 

An acrylic ice bucket is made of fine plastic which is not only durable but also scratch-resistant. Usually, it is harder plastic which is opaque. An acrylic beverage tub is perfect to store beer, wine, or any other drinks that you wish to keep cool. It’s ideal for indoor and outdoor events as well. They are easy to clean and store. Shop the best variety of ice buckets for beer and drinks from Wanna Party.

  1. Wooden Buckets 

Wooden buckets are the most in-demand products because of their rustic and stylish look. It offers a pleasing way to serve ice and drinks. Display it among other contemporary style decor and themes for a natural feel. Wooden buckets make great gifts or giveaway items. Use them to promote a product, event, or some special occasion.




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