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Theme your party

new year theme your party

From colors to characters, and decor to themes, we can do it all to make your New Year party a more dazzling one. Make sure to get some sparkling party poppers, decor banners, props etc. Visit our website and get in touch for more details.


Make use of Disposable Tableware

disposable tableware for new year party

Make your New Years house party a fuss-free affair by adding to your party shopping list some tableware supplies and easing out the next day’s households. WannaParty has some themed party tableware which includes glasses plates, bowls and cutlery, tissues etc. available to match your overall vibe.


Set up a sparkly shiny backdrop

string curtains for new year party

With social media being an everyday thing, aesthetics play a vital role when clicking that perfect picture. Do not miss out on decking up a shiny backdrop which makes your photos insta worthy. You can add string curtains, Happy New Year banner, chrome/metallic balloons, number balloons, star/heart shaped balloons, printed foil balloons and party props to make an easy job but a great background.


Plan some Party Game

party games for new year

Parties are all about fun, food and frolic. Making a house party or your big bash a little extra crazy will only make it more memorable. Make sure you’ve bagged some games like Cards, Beer Pong, Jenga, Poker, Uno etc. You can also bring out the child in you play musical chairs, treasure hunt etc for an all inclusive family New Year party. Visit if you need help buying party decor products.


Replay the Year

new year party theme

365 days and many more memories make a year a happy one. Create a special video or a picture slideshow of the moments spent with your family members, friends and other guests at the party to recap the year in a few minutes just before you enter a new one and capture more happy moments together.


Try your hand at sparkling cocktail

sparkling cocktail for new year party

Drinks and parties go hand in hand especially when you’re celebrating New Year’s Party with your family and friends. Try your hand at mixology and have everyone joining come prepared for the fun that it brings. Just make sure to have your supplies handy ahead of time and find some cocktail recipes to make it enjoyable.


Have a New Year’s Resolution Jar handy

new year resolution jar

Get everyone to write their New Year’s Resolution on a small piece of colorful paper and put it in a mini jar. Shake and have everyone pick theirs and stow in their pockets or handbags. This adds to another fun activity to indulge in right before entering a New Year.


Dance it off

dance theme for new year party

Those that dance together stay together. Last but not the least, of course dance it all out. Needless to say, shaking a leg together brings you closer to your family & friends. Have a playlist ready with some latest dance numbers to enter the New Year in high spirits.

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