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Here Are Some Romantic Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

Some Romantic Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

While there’s beauty in a typical date night out at a fancy restaurant filled up with roses and beautiful decor. A stay-at-home Valentine’s Day can be made more beautiful and romantic when planned right in time with some thoughtful & romantic ideas. It doesn’t just bring you closer but saves you a lot of money while making it very special for you and your loved one.

We have curated a list of some very romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with your partner this time. Read to know more.


1. Plan a Cook-Off Together

plan a cook off together valentine at home

Keep it simple. Collect a few ingredients and prep up a little beforehand to avoid giving all of your time to cooking only. Find a few quick recipes online and save them. Make it fancy yet efficient and less time consuming, for e.g. save yourself some table and cutlery prep time by bringing in beautiful looking disposable ones. Shop them here.


2. Wine Tasting and Cocktail Mixing

Wine Tasting and Cocktail Mixing valentine party

No celebration is ever complete without some fun drinks to indulge in. Margarita, cocktails or mocktails, shots or wine, whatever satiates your taste palette, stock some of your favourite drinks up for Valentine’s eve. Look up some exotic recipes online and have some fun being your own and your partner’s mixologist to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home. Don’t forget to add some quirky shots and wine glasses.


3. Play Dress Up

Play dress up in this valentine

For all the extra dramatic couples out there, you know you’re the life of the party. You have all the reasons to be extra, go overboard and dress up like your favourite character or just add some fun props like a feather boa, funky hats, character costumes, etc. & more to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home.


4. Watch a Cool-Season Together

Watch a cool season together

Netflix n’ chill doesn’t have to be a boring lie in bed kinda binge-watching thing. It can be made a romantic date night into a romantic movie night at home. Grab the drinks and food you just prepared, set up a stable with some romantic scented candles, have it all in place, and put on your her/his favourite movie, something that you both relate the most with. If you like it all extra, get yourself some cool eyewear to watch your movie through.


5. Deck It Up

deck it up

DIYs can be a great way to spend quality time and get to know each other better. With a range of products available to deck up your home by yourself, how about selecting some pieces and prepping up during the day together to set up a beautiful room full of shiny things like disco balls, fairy lights, buntings, foil curtains, heart balloons and more.


6. Build a Pretty Date Zone

Build a pretty date Zone

For all the laidback ones celebrating, pick from a range of products and color based themes and we can set up a beautiful decor full of pretty balloons, flowers, buntings, fairy lights, super shape balloons and so much more at your home for a flawless, effortless dreamy Valentine celebration at home with your loved one. Make a room for it at the terrace, living room or your bedroom and surprise your beloved partner with elements adding to your romance.


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