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Fun & Creative Bachelorette Party Ideas For The Bride Squad

A bachelorette party or a pre-wedding party is the last toast to singlehood for the bride. It comes with night-long chitchats, endless giggles, and lots of naughty talks. However, gathering ideas on what to do for her ‘last fling before the ring’ can be tedious. That’s why we are here to help with some of the amazing bachelorette party ideas for you and your squad.


Below is a list of bachelorette party favors, decorations, games, and activity ideas to assist you to host the perfect bachelorette party. Let’s dive into planning!


1. Photo Props

photo props for bachelorette party

Grab your squad, a camera, and some adorable props. Props like drinking straws, feather boas, bridal sashes, bride-to-be headbands, and matching robes are sure to make the party and pictures even more fun. Curly wigs & tiaras are also a perfect choice for bachelorette evenings. Don’t forget to capture some picture-perfect memories as it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event.


2. Bride-To-Be Balloons

bride to be balloons for bachelorette party

Any bachelorette party without inflatables is absolutely incomplete. It’s a perfect bachelorette party decoration — you can add latex balloons to foil balloons and create a balloon bouquet. You can then display these dreamy balloons on a wall to create a centerpiece or make an amazing photo backdrop. Pair it with other decor items to make the pictures even more cheerful.


3. Team Bride Tableware

bachelorette party tableware

Serving party snacks in your regular cutlery is monotonous. Since you’re planning some delicious snacks and appetizers to bring to the party, don’t waste your hard work by eating off of boring plates. Enhance your table settings with some fancy table items such as team bride plates, drinking glasses, colorful paper napkins, etc. Make your meal look 10 times delicious by serving it on matching ‘Team Bride’ theme plates and napkins.


4. Shot Glasses With Necklace

bride to be necklace shot glasses

Bachelorette shot glasses look great as photo decorations while taking selfies with your squad. Click fun photos for lasting memories with these must-have party supplies. Keep your drinks mobile and everyone can take them home as a memory once the party is over.


5. Bride & Bachelorette Sashes

bride to be sash

Bride-to-be & Team Bride sashes are the perfect accessory for any bachelorette party. It’s a fun way to make the bride-to-be stand out and feel celebrated during her bachelorette or bridal shower activities. Everyone at the party will love to flaunt their special title too.


6. Bachelorette Games & Activities

bachelorette party games and activity

What’s a bachelorette party without some notorious games & activities? Put your Bluetooth speakers on, play some good music and play fun games like, How well do you know the bride-to-be, willy says fun card game, Banana ring toss game etc. Obviously, no bachelorette party is complete without some cheap entertainment after all. Bachelorette party games turn out to be a highlight of the celebration.


7. Bachelorette Party Supplies

bachelorette party supplies

Decorations are always important to set the mood right. You can amplify the room or terrace with lights, foil curtain, Let’s Party Bitches Banner, wall hangings, and more. Wondering where to arrange all these from? Well, check out Wanna Party’s supplies here.


8. Food & Drinks

food and drink for bachelorette party

The heart of any party is food. You can serve a variety of starters and keep the main course limited. The reason is no one is interested in eating the main course after getting filled with delicious snacks & booze. Baked goods & desserts are a MUST. You can go for cupcakes, pastries, and sundaes, the list is huge to choose from. Decide the menu keeping in mind your vegetarian and non-vegetarian friends.


9. Matching Outfits

bachelorette party matching outfit

Buying customized nightsuits and dresses will completely uplift your party mood and theme. You can also buy matching t-shirts. Make your party look spicy and hot with the “Sizzling Red” color code. Make it a bachelorette party your friends never forget and do remember to picture everything.


10. Movie Night With The Squad

movie night with bride squad

This is one of the best ideas to spend quality time together. Get everyone ready for a movie night. Or if your girls like to be couch potatoes then simply turn your living room into a theatre, get your favorite snacks, and have fun!

So these were some of the ideas from our side to make your party fun and exciting. But remember, the most successful bachelorette parties focus on what the bride loves the most. We hope the above-listed ideas will bring endless giggles and turn the night into an unforgettable memory.

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