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1st Birthday – Best Ideas for Baby’s first Birthday

Best Ideas for your Toodler’s Birthday !!

First birthday deserve an extra ordinary place in a parents minds. This is the time to mark the first year of your child full of adore. Thus for such special occasion the decoration should also extraordinary. One do no need to throw an expensive bash rather you can make the bash memorable for your toddler by following some of the ideas we have for you. These ideas are simple yet innovative, cheap and the best part all these things are readily available in the market or at any online platform. Thus this is a great relief if you are working and don’t have time to make things on your own.

Here are the 12 awesome birthday party tips :-

1. Mini Triangle Pennant Banner :

Well the 1st birthday party is incomplete without this Pennant Banner. They are simple, available in large number of designs and patterns. They easily stick to wall and are easily available in market or online mode.

Link: https://wannaparty.inproduct/polka-dot-buntings-pink-over-9-ft/

2. Photo Pennant Banner:

If you are a photo lover then you can put a Photo Pennant Banner for 1st Birthday Party. This will add a personalize to your party and will you can add these photos in the order of chronologically and will make the day more memorable. These pennant are available in various sizes, pattern and shapes. They are perfect for 1ST Birthday party.

Link: https://wannaparty.inproduct/photo-banner/

3. Paper Lantern:

Paper Lantern are inexpensive and come in great designs and shapes. They are also available in great color. You can put a small and large number of lantern as a backdrop or maybe for table backdrop. You can make can array of the lantern and even put them with lights. They will look stunning and elegant.

Link: https://wannaparty.inproduct/febric-lantern-pink/

4. Swirl Decoration:

You can do swirls decoration for the 1st Birthday celebration. They will add glitter to your party. You can put them on ceiling in the form of bunches some small and some big and can even hang your photos on them. These photos can be cherish by everyone.

Link: https://wannaparty.inproduct/hot-pink-star-swirl-decoration-15ct/

5. Birthday Candle:

A birthday always has a delicious cake and a cake without the number 1st is totally incomplete. These candles are available in the form of number , in the form of star or flower. Choose what you like. You can even go with customizable candle. They come in varied sizes.

Link: https://wannaparty.inproduct/assorted-serpentine-blowouts-10pc/

6. Birthday Caps:

The 1st birthday party must have birthday caps. You can go for caps that have characters upon them like Chhota Bheem, Mickey Mouse, Doremon and many more. You can also go with caps with mild design like dots or strips. You can even get your caps customized. There is no end. Choose what matches your party’s taste and Ya!! You don’t have to make them they are readily available in the market or on online store.

Link: https://wannaparty.inproduct/polka-dot-caps-8ct-pink/

7. Birthday Balloons:

Your birthday part must have balloon. They best about them is that you can place them anywhere maybe paste them on the walls, or you can make a bunch of 4 to 5 balloons and put them on the Entrances or as a background on the cake table. You can combine two colors of balloon that suite your theme. You can go for hydrogen filled balloons or normal air one according to your taste. This will make your decoration complete.

Link: https://wannaparty.inproduct/12-powder-blue-latex-balloon-100ct-2/

8. Confetti Bomb:

Confetti Bomb as a must for birthday party. You can pop them at the time of cake cutting ceremony. You can use glitter with confetti made up of papers and plastic. They are readily available in the market.

Link: https://wannaparty.inproduct/1-2-oz-butterfly-flower-confetti/

9. Serpentine Blowouts:

Party without noise is any party?? Thus blow these colorful blowouts and amaze your toddlers with its sound. They are available in varied sizes, colours and designs. Choose the best one out as per your theme!!

Link: https://wannaparty.inproduct/assorted-serpentine-blowouts-10pc/

10. Paper Flowers:

These paper flowers can be put around the center table or can be used to make the backdrop for the photo booth. You can also use as hand-bands as well by pasting them on bands. They are available in varied colors and styles. They are made of paper and thus can be stuck anywhere in seconds. You can buy them from any market.

Link: https://wannaparty.inproduct/fluffy-decoration-pink/

11. Streamer:

Place these streamer on your wall ceiling and hand balloons on it. Place them on the gates or on table. They are available in various colors and are very cheap price wise. You can buy a specific color or designed with dots or strips as you like it. You can easily stick them on the walls. They are available in various broadness.

Link: https://wannaparty.inproduct/caribbean-blue-streamer-4pc/

12. Fancy Banner:

Birthday Banner is essential for a birthday party. You can customize them with your toddler pictures on it with a fantastic caption below it. You can also buy the ready ones from the market. Place it at the backdrop and here you are started with the celebration of your party. It adds a power to the party.

Link: https://wannaparty.inproduct/lady-bug-letter-banner/

I hope you enjoyed our tips for the 1st Birthday party of your toddler. Stay connected with us for more awesome ways to make your decoration at various occasion superb with us.


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