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best baby shower party ideas

What is a Baby shower ceremony?

Having a baby is one of the happiest and most awaited life events where the celebrations begin even before the baby’s arrival. Baby Shower is a popular ceremony where people celebrate the expected birth of a child by offering gifts to the mother at a party. The biggest reason to celebrate this occasion is to shower the mother-to-be with blessings and love for her and her baby’s good health.

Baby Showers are generally co-hosted by the grandma-to-be or close ladies in participation with the mother-to-be. Today, many women in India are choosing to collaborate the traditional ceremonies with the modern ones by combining traditional rituals with baby shower parties. We have created a list of 7 useful tips that you need to know to host an amazing baby shower ceremony. Read on to find out memorable baby shower ideas that are equally fun for the mother-to-be and the guests.


1. Budgeting & Sending Invitation

Set a Budget– The first thing that is mandatory while planning any special event is to set your budget. Your budget for baby shower party will further decide how the party needs to get organised and what things will be added to your planning list.

Sending Invitation– After setting the budget, the second important thing is sending invites with these baby shower theme invitation cards to the guest. Be it an e-invite or a printed invitation card, go for the one which suits you the best. Always remember to include the names of your co-hosts in the invite to honor them.

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2. Dress & Accessories

The Baby shower is all about the mother-to-be. It’s not about looking the best; she also needs to dress up comfortably so the attire doesn’t become a burden to carry around. In the final trimester of pregnancy, comfort is important too. There are many outfits to choose from on your special day. You can always go for Indo-western, some saree-gown, or high-flare Anarkalis. Don’t forget to dress up the expecting dad to be with same twining effect. You can shop various Bridal shower accessories to glamify your evening. Choose a sash that reads: “MOM-TO-BE” and “DAD-TO-BE” to make these people feel special on their big event. Consider adding fancy hair accessories like a tiara for the mother. For more bridal shower favors visit Wanna Party


3. Baby Shower Decorations

Decor with Balloons & Swirls 

Balloon decorations can amplify your party decor into a heavenly place. Balloons are the soul of almost every party so you should consider including them on this special day. From an array of our Latex to Foil balloons, you get many options to choose for your special theme. Always remember to go by a theme that enhances the overall effect. Go for some centerpiece and add matching theme paper plates and tie ribbons and balloons to make it look different.

Swirls are another trending element to welcome the guest of honor with an amazing effect that adorns the ceiling.

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4. Fun Games & Activities

For the Baby Shower theme party you can arrange funny baby-themed games like baby words unscramble, or the girl or boy activity kit banner and set out the included pink and blue cutouts for guests. The guests can write their names on one side and their guesses on the other side. The color is set for girls and boys which is pink & blue respectively.

Always make sure your guests feel included and are having fun time around. If you are planning to go traditional, you can call a Mehendi artist to apply henna on all-female guests’ palms. Another fun idea is to have a bangle counter where they can pick their favorite bangles.


5. Photobooth

The best way to ensure you create a trail of ever-lasting memories is by setting up a photo booth. A photo booth prop is a must-have which make your simple decoration funky. You can cherish lots of loving memories later when you will see them later in life. Colorful props are a perfect addition to last memories with amazing pictures. Arrange for a photographer and encourage your guests to strike their best pose with some fancy photo props. It’s always exciting to watch the grandmas, aunties, and uncles posing away and having a good time.



6. Food, Drinks & Desserts

Food is the definite way to your guest’s hearts. The presentation of the food and choice of dishes matter as much as the taste of dishes. You could dress out the buffet tables in hues of pink and blue, displaying the names of the dishes. You can opt for Lasagna grilled cheese bites, Fruit kebabs, Italian pasta salad, and Cheesy pizza bombs to name a few. Display vibrant colored cotton candies, lollipops, and candies in jars. Select a beautiful, lip-smacking cake that would leave your guests astonished.


7. Giveaways For The Guest

Last but not least, giveaways are an important part of any party. Even though baby showers are meant to honor the mother-to-be & she gets showered with gifts, it is a nice gesture to the guests also. Honor your guest with a token of appreciation and love through giveaways. You can give jars of beautifully packaged cookies or brownies, some sweets and toys for the kids and key chains, and crockery for adults. If you want to stay away from sweets, giving them some line of cosmetics could work. Whatever your choice of gifts is, remember to include a Thank-you Note.

A pro-tip for the host: Just relax, participate and enjoy the event while ensuring all the guests feel welcome and included in the celebration. It will make the event a memorable one for the guests and the mother-to-be.

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