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fathers day special fun idea

A father is a real-life superhero that ensures the safety of his children and the whole family. We feel safe and at peace because of his selfless care and affection. But when was the last time we expressed our love and gratitude towards him? Now is the time to tell him how lucky and blessed we are to have him in our lives.

Let’s celebrate this Father’s Day in the name of that one exceptional person who is working hard just to make our life worth living. We have created a list of the 10 most interesting ideas to celebrate this father’s day. Read on!

1. Plan A Decent Surprise Party With Family

Plan A Decent Surprise Party With Family

Everyone loves to be the center of attention in their family and occasion like father’s day needs special attention too. Gather all your family members and plan an interesting surprise party for your dad. This will make him feel special and loved. Arrange for a Father’s Day-themed decor, homemade cakes & goodies. Try some fancy balloon decorations or flower arrangements. You can also write him letters of appreciation or prepare a touching speech for expressing your love.

The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, serve him his favorite home-cooked meal and enjoy your family time at the dinner table. Remember to take photos & videos of the celebration so that you can always look back & relive these moments.

2. Plan Movie Day Together

Plan Movie Day Together

If your dad is a movieholic, the best you can do for him is to take him out for a movie. Choose the genre according to his taste like action, thriller, horror, or comedy. If your dad prefers to Netflix and chill then, you must convert your home into a movie theatre to have a full marathon of his favorite movies or series. Treat your old man with unlimited popcorns or nachos with his choice of drink. Every little step you take to impress your dad definitely counts as a solid bonding activity. You can also consider watching a great dad-themed movie together to strengthen your relationship.

3. Celebrate Together With Fun Games & Activities

Celebrate Together With Fun Games and Activities

One of the best ways to celebrate the occasion is with a day full of games and fun activities together. If your dad is a sporty person, then plan a rocking mini-sports competition in your backyard or some fun-card games indoors. Dads always love to see their kids being playful and It’s a great way to build a stronger bond among your family. Compete in fun games such as frisbee throwing, badminton, board game or even water bucket race.

4. Treat Him to His Favorite Spa

Treat Him to His Favorite Spa

Yes, You have read it right. Every father works hard and they need time to relax too. After mental and physical stress at workplace, they deserve extra care and pampering from your side. Gift your dad a relaxing day and make him feel wanted. Plan for a soothing, rejuvenating & detoxifying spa day to relax his tired and overworked muscles. After all, he deserves to be happy and loved.

5. Explore New Food Places

Explore New Food Places

More than anything else, trying new cuisine is always fun. In fact, Food has magical powers that makes everyone truly happy including your dad. Take him out on a food tour, explore the city and dine at some of the best local restaurants & let him eat to his heart’s content.

If your dad is a true foodie and already knows the food places well, book a table at his favourite spot and watch him enjoy his favorite meal. You can take him to drinking tour as well if he’s a beer or wine lover. It’s all about spending quality time together making the event more special.

6. Go For a Nature Walk

Go For a Nature Walk

If your dad is a true nature lover then going for a nature walk is all you need to consider this father’s day. Nature not only gives you a splash of energy but also helps you stay focused. It’s an exciting activity for dad and kids to connect with earth & capture some stunning views of the surrounding nature. Remember to bring along a camera to capture fun moments.


7. Surprise Him With Personalised Gifts

Surprise Him With Personalized Gifts

Dad work hard all day to fulfill our wishes so it’s our turn to make his day special with some loving gifts. You can create your own gift basket full of goodies catering to his specific need and taste.

Some of the different items you should consider gifting are:

It may seem like simple gifts, but your efforts will put a big smile on his face as he unwraps the gifts.


8. Portable Bar Set For The Whiskey Lover

portable bar set

For the whiskey lover dads, a portable bar set is the perfect gifting idea this father’s day. Let your dad be pleased with a mesmerizing drinking experience the next time he catches up with his friends. Remember to bring him different & exotic whiskeys to experiment with. He will definitely burst into tears of joy after seeing your gift.


9. A Fitness Membership

fitness membership for father day

Father’s Day is a great time to help him explore new interests & hobbies. Depending upon his fitness interest, you can purchase him a membership at a new club or gym. If you want to be his fitness companion, join with him and get in shape together while sharing a strong bond.


10. Go For An Adventure Spree

Go For An Adventure Spree

If your muscle man is an adventure fanatic, then the right time is now to plan adventurous trips with him. Take a moment to think back on his life and remember what cool things he has ever done. Make a list and execute the goals. Try going out for adventurous water sports, hot air balloon ride, ziplining, jungle safari. He will surely appreciate the opportunity to try something new with his kids.

Don’t Limit yourself to father’s day to tell your dad that he is special to you. Love him & appreciate him daily for all the efforts he is doing to support your family.


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