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10 Best Space Themed Birthday Party Ideas For A Cosmic Celebration

best space theme birthday party ideas

If your child is a huge space fanatic and constantly dreams of becoming an astronaut then you must surprise her/him with this amazing space-themed party. You can get creative with all the space theme supplies and put them together to throw the most astonishing party for your little one. To make any space party a big hit, you need to choose the right menu, decor, and games so that every kid at your party feels like astronauts exploring the universe. We have jotted down some of the best space-themed party ideas for a phenomenal celebration.


Space Theme Party Ideas

A Space-themed birthday party is not just about astronauts, planets, or spaceships on the wall or stars stuck to the ceiling. It is much more about the minor detailing of your buffet table, backdrop design, or invitation cards. Read out the following space theme party ideas to jumpstart your planning today.


1. Space Themed Invitation Cards

Set a mysterical tone for your galaxy party with space theme invitation cards. Once you have decided the number of guests you are inviting, you can step forward with the party invitations. Choose the right color theme for your invites that matches the overall vibe of your party. Add a dark background with some stars, vibrant colored planets, astronauts, & rockets, and make your design speak for itself.

2. Space Themed Decorations

space theme decoration

Any space-themed party is incomplete without outer space decor. Turn your home into a galaxy full of stars with walls and ceilings accessorised with swirl decorations, bunting space banners for boys and girls, shimmery curtains, and balloons.

For a simple DIY, you can create a mini solar system with objects like stars, planets hung from the ceilings so the kids feel like they are floating in space.


3. Space Themed Tableware

Make your little one’s birthday extra special with a perfect space-themed table setting. You can toss it with a blue space-like starry print table cloth for a prominent effect. Leave your guests wanting for more with rocket cutout napkins, space theme paper plates & cups. You can also add solid blue forks and spoons along with planet cutout dessert plates to your party table.


4. Space Themed Snacks

space theme snacks

Kids always love colorful munching options around the table. Keep everyone at your party energised with fancy space theme snacks. For starters, keep your snack tray ready with star-shaped fries, rocket fruit kebabs, spaceship sandwiches, and asteroid treat candies. Also, keep your matching plates, napkins, and cups handy to add a fantastic cosmic touch.


5. Space Cakes & Cupcakes

space theme cake

Cakes and cookies are the heart of any birthday party. Whether you are baking or ordering the cake, don’t forget to select the galaxy design first. Add some fun elements to the whole party by having customized toppings for your cupcakes too. Rock your party with a rocket-shaped cake matched with colorful icing and star-shaped candles. Add some cake toppers for example some quirky aliens, astronauts, planets, etc. too.


6. Photobooth For Outer Space Party

space theme photobooth

A photo booth with fun props is all that is needed to make fun photos & videos. Keep in mind that your photo booth should match your space party theme. Make a colorful rocket ship or planet-shaped photo booth with star cutouts hanging from above.


7. Space Themed Games & Activities

After decorations and refreshments, the favorite part of this themed party comes into play. It’s game time. Kids love to play games outdoor as well as indoors. You can simply add a twist to their regular games with a space theme or have a designed space-themed game such as space bingo or 3D rocket puzzle.


8. Space Dress Code

To join a party in themed attire is probably the most exciting idea. Decide on a suitable dress code that matches your outer space theme and ask your guests to follow it. Dress up in all white to match with astronauts in the space or get some quirky costumes like that of aliens.


9. Outer Space Themed Foil Balloons

space theme foil balloon for party

The moment we think of birthday decorations, the word “Balloons” strikes our mind first. complete your space theme birthday decoration with colorful foil or latex space theme balloons. You can also use a balloon arch with a happy birthday banner combined with some other inflatables too. Take your party one step forward with planets, spaceships, astronauts, or alien-like inflatables.


10. Space Theme Goodie bags

space theme goodie bag

Return gifts or goodie bags are something that will always remind your guests of one of the best and most memorable times they have spent with you. A perfect space theme birthday party gift can include a themed bag filled with chocolate coins, a space theme coloring book, a space stationery set, candies, or a space keychain or bouncy ball, which will make the celebration remarkable.

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